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"The Poppies Wanted To Sing For Me"
2023, Screen Printed Cotton, 24' x 45"
Surface Design Association: Seeing/Being Seen
Winter 2023 Journal Publication
“The Poppies Wanted To Sing For Me,” is an ode to my love of whimsical colors, fruit, & flora. Spending the summers picking fresh berries & wildflowers in the fields of Maine has forever been one of my most cherished memories. With the conclusion of my Senior body of work, “The Poppies Wanted To Sing For Me,” stands as my voice representing queerness among fiber art communities. My screen-printed yardage is ready to dance in the sun!
"The Things We Carry"
Fibers 450- Mixed Media, Luggage Handles, Cardboard,
Upcycled Fabric, Patchwork, Quiltin
g, Embroidery
SCAD 2023- Fibers Open Studio
The Things We Carry was accepted into SCAD Fibers Open Studio as part of a group exhibition. In the absence of verbal language, textiles have served as my tongue. Where gender and sexuality were too hard to explain, I turned to fragments of fibers to speak on behalf of my lived experiences. The Things We Carry examines the vulnerability of our identities by exploring how grief and growth can coexist in the same space. By using up-cycled textiles, fabric from my old clothing, and portions of my late grandmother’s quilts, I continue to explore how patch-worked textiles narrate my identity as a queer fibers artist. Through physical and metaphorical representation, The Things We Carry illustrates the gendered burdens of societal expectations I’ve carried throughout my life.
"Bandaging My Eternal Mind"
Fibers 190- Mixed Media, Collaged Fabric, 
Reactive Dye 
on Cotton, Matboard
SCAD 2022- Fibers Summer Showcase
“Bandaging My Eternal Mind" is a fine art piece that explores the life of Van Gogh. As an artist with a psychiatrist as a father, I too see a reflection of myself in the eyes of Van Gogh. This Winter I was getting frustrated that all I was doing was dyeing fabric, my dad on the other hand had just saved a man’s life. I said, "Sometimes what I do seems so pointless and trivial.” His response was, “Yes I helped a man out today, but without art and design none of us would be able to see the beauty of this painful world.” I invite you to explore where pain and beauty sit together and form an unbreakable bond.
"Flying Frida"
Fibers 160- Gouache on Bristol
SCAD 2021 Open Studio
Spotlighting the esteemed work of Frida Kahlo and her desire to create beautiful artworks amidst her pain and suffering, “Flying Frida” explores how hardship can transform into beauty, growth, and knowledge. While moths often symbolize death, I’ve instead painted these fluttering fellows with such life and vibrancy to show how pain can metamorphose into beauty. This repeat pattern print encourages viewers to live their messy lives both beautifully and boldly.
"Pomegranates and Poppies"
Fibers 160- Coffee, India Ink, Watercolor on Bristol
SCAD Drawing Works 2021
This drawing was crafted as an experimental piece with coffee, India ink, and watercolor. While organic coffee splashes fade into the natural stems of poppy flowers, watercolor bursts from the dripping pomegranate seeds. "Pomegranates and Poppies" explores the bold mark-making of India ink as it juxtaposes the soft stain of watercolor and coffee. Similar to how our natural environment operates, a symbiosis is created as two very dissimilar elements fade together to create a natural harmony.
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