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Interior Design Portfolio
Welcome to my Interior Design Portfolio, the landing spot for both digital and hand renderings. While obtaining a minor in Interior Design from Savannah College of Art & Design, I concentrated on residential and commercial design. 
INDS 210 Final Presentation Book (17 x 11 in) (1).jpg

Located in the heart of Savannah, Ga, Kristen Baird is looking to upgrade her in-home jewelry studio for a multi-purpose retail space & studio. 


"Cultivation of Community," is a residential property designed for Ecologist & Biologist, Zoë Kitchell. Combining the natural environment and community gathering, this interior reflects the biodiversity of ecosystems. 

INDS 211_ Exercise 3_Unnamed Space-13.jpeg

Inspired by the life and career of Elise de Wolfe, this digital rendering of a drawing room highlights her mission of "suitability" & "proportion." 


This shaker-inspired living room places emphasis on the materiality of wooden furniture and simplicity in design. Instead of focusing on embellishment, this Shaker-style living room creates a simple yet serene space for individuals to gather.


Inspired by the popular 18th-century neoclassical boudoir, this digital rendering combines delicate curves and ornate finishes. 


This series of hand renderings include sketches, ideation work, and interior drawings using various mediums. From watercolor drawings to colored pencil renderings, here are a collection of miscellaneous interiors. Come take a look! 

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