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The “Picnic In The Park Quilt” translates my Daily Practice watercolor patchwork paintings into a reversible quilt. Hand-stitched elements, embroidery, quilting, and dyed fabric are added to create a tactile textile experience that patches all of my experiences from the past five months together. The Picnic In The Park Quilt” tells the narrative of bleeding fruit in the summertime, dancing under the moonlight at midnight, and experiences of growing up queer in a community that lacked representation. Similar to the fading of color in watercolor surfaces, we all hold these imperfect bruises
that remain as a reminder of our beautiful stories.


2023, Reactive Dye on Linen, Quilting, Embroidery, Patchwork, 62” L x 46” W

All Photographs Courtesy of Wyatt Junnila Photography

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