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In the absence of verbal language, textiles have served as my tongue. Where gender and sexuality were too hard to explain, I turned to fragments of fibers to speak on behalf of my lived experiences. The Things We Carry examines the vulnerability of our identities by exploring how grief and growth can coexist in the same space. By using up-cycled textiles, fabric from my old clothing, and portions of my late grandmother’s quilts, I continue to explore how patch-worked textiles narrate my identity as a queer fibers artist. Through physical and metaphorical representation, The Things We Carry illustrates the gendered burdens of societal expectations I’ve carried throughout my life.


2023, Mixed Media, Luggage Handles, Cardboard, Upcycled Fabric, Patchwork, Quilting, Embroidery

Small- 17" x 11.5" x 4," Medium- 19" x 12.75" x 4.25," Large- 22.5" x 15.75" x 6.25" 

All Photographs Courtesy of Wyatt Junnila Photography

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