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The “Picnic In The Park Quilt” translates my Daily Practice watercolor patchwork paintings into a reversible quilt. The “Picnic In The Park Quilt” tells the narrative of bleeding fruit in the summertime, dancing under the moonlight at midnight, and experiences of growing up queer in a community that lacked representation. 


Despite violence towards trans, non-binary,
and gender non-conforming individuals, “...and then their colors came out” acknowledges these realities while uplifting queer voices. Areas may show erasure or bleeding, yet, they are mended together to create a bigger part of a more beautiful whole.


In the absence of verbal language, textiles have served as my tongue. Where gender and sexuality were too hard to explain, I turned to fragments of fibers to speak on behalf of my lived experiences. The Things We Carry examines the vulnerability of our identities by exploring how grief and growth can coexist in the same space.


Bandaging My Eternal Mind is a collaged fine art piece that explores the life of Van Gogh. As an artist with a psychiatrist as a father, I too see a reflection of myself in the eyes of Van Gogh.


Painting My Own Reality is a collaged fine art piece that explores the life of Frida Kahlo. Despite a life filled with great suffering, Kahlo painted her reality with such authenticity and beauty. 


Veins of Belonging highlights streams of colorful consciousness in exploring queer identities. The hand-dyed warp adds a layer of woven complexity through tactility and color mixing. 


"Speaking of yarn" explores three-dimensional fine art that can be interacted with and manipulated by viewers. This piece encourages us to be curious about the identities and truths we hold but are fearful of speaking to the world. 

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